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All kinds of high-quality pressure-reducing valves are available here. We at as the top pressure reducing valve manufacturers in China, provide international standard pressure reducing valves at the best price. The main feature of our pressure-reducing Valves is it helps with a sharp or abrupt change in the inlet pressure. It does not lead to the same change in output, thereby ensuring the necessary stability of the functioning of the entire system as a whole.

Specifications of our pressure-reducing Valves!

Like any other pressure safety valve installed in district heating systems pressure-reducing valves are manufactured based on certain operating conditions. Consequently, we as the top pressure reducing valve manufacturer, provide products that have certain characteristics:

· The diameter of the passage hole depends on the performance, but on average, they have it in the range of 15 to 400 mm.

· Productivity - usually with a maximum cross-section of the hole is up to 1600 cubic meters per hour.

· The operating pressure limit is from 10 to 40 bars.

· The maximum temperature of the working medium is no more than 150 degrees when working with water.

· Options for mounting in the system flange or thread

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