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Get a top-quality breather valve from the breather valve manufacturer! Breathing valves are a necessary part of the equipment of vertical tanks. It helps with the safe operation of RVS. When petroleum products are stored, the process of evaporation and the formation of dangerous vapours are inevitable.

According to the breather valve manufacturer, if the ambient temperature changes, it affects the pressure also. Significant changes can occur within one day. There are frequent cases when, during operation, air from the environment penetrates the tank. To prevent a dangerous situation, install breathing valves on the tanks.

Why to buy Breather Valve from us?

· With our inside and out industry experience, we are the top producers, providers, and exporters of better quality breather valves to our clients all over the country.

· We are the great producer of Safety Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Regulator, Pressure Reducing Valve, Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, Back Pressure Regulating Valve, Dual Plate Check Valves, and Nozzle Check Valves also.

· We as the top breather valve manufacturers in china, involves premium quality materials with high-level assembling unit during production.

· Our association has a group of specialists who are exceptionally qualified and experienced. This workforce takes great consideration in offering an unrivalled reach to our clients.

How does our product work?

For the breathing valves to function normally, they must meet the following requirements;

1. The contact surfaces of anchorages, plates, closures, and saddles should not be worn. Generally, use materials with low adhesive strength with ice o exclude this situation.

2. The minimum number of horizontal surfaces inside the valve. Otherwise, create conditions for the accumulation of condensate.

3. Treat the surfaces with anti-corrosion compounds. Developing corrosion can reduce the mass of plates.

The use of valves with mechanical and hydraulic valves (safety valves) is wide. The mechanical devices have the following models;

· Combined CDS, equipped with a reflector disc;

· Combined SMDK;

· CRTT (closed type);

· KDM with a fire barrier;

· NDCM (non-freezing).

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